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Athlete Registration

Registration Process for all Athletes

Early Bird registration is $10 prior to Aug 1st, and $15 thereafter.  After selecting the registration payment option, you will be prompted to register for sports for all 3 seasons.   Please select any sports you are planning to or may participate in at this time.  

NOTE: This is not a commitment to play nor a guarantee you will make the team.



Not Sure if You've Already Registered?

To check your registration status, click on the circle with your initials in it at the top right of the page. Then select My Sports Engine.  On the left side of your Sports Engine page select Registrations. That will display a list of all the registrations submitted.  If you have registered for this upcoming year, 2022-2023 Registration will be at the top of the list.

Registration Information

2023-2024 registrations require only a single registration for all sports. 

2023-2024 Registrations are currently active.

Before the first workouts , each player must:

-          registered with FHE - the overall "parent" organization, 

-          register with FHE sports.


                    During the registration, you will select all sports you would like to participate in for the year

                   This will register you with FHE and each individual sport you select. 

                    This does not commit you to the team nor does it  guarantee you will make the team. It also doesn't guarantee you will be notified about tryouts. Please make sure you watch the FHE weekly blasts for sports information.

Those making a team after tryouts will be notified and invoiced for that specific team's payments.

 After making the team each player will:

-          provide a copy/picture of birth certificate to his coach for age verification

              (required by NCHEAC).      

-          be invoiced for team fees at that point.

Requirements before beginning

                - You must first be registered with the FHE support group,

                - Please note that to be eligible to participate in FHES you must be at least 11 yrs old and

                   not have turned 19 by Aug 1st. (see full eligibility rules here)