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Registration Process for all Coaches/Athletes/Volunteers

In order to streamline our registrations this year, we have instituted the following process.

Step 1)  You should fill out the General FHE Sports registration for each athlete.  There is a $10 per registration fee.    By doing this we can process most documents necessary to play FHE Sports once for the entire year.  It also allows us to know your interests in specific sports and to keep you up to date on off season workouts, open gyms, and tryouts.  You will also have the opportunity to register for specific sports (step 2) at this time as well.  

Step 2) At any point during the year you would like, you can go to the registration page and sign up for specific sports.   This will place you on the team roster for tryouts.   After tryouts, if you make the team, you will be sent an invoice for payment of team fees.

Requirements before beginning

                - You must first be registered with the FHE support group,

                - Your NCDNPE  number is needed to register.(number lookup

                - Please note that to be eligible to participate in FHES you must be at least 11 yrs old and

                   not have turned 19 by Aug 1st. (see full eligibility rules here)

General FHE Sports and Coach/Volunteer Registrations

FHE Sports is now taking 2019-2020 General Sports registrations.  This covers the period from July 1st, 2019 - June 30th 2020.  If you are interested in participating with FHE this up-coming year, click on the FHE Sports Registration link below. 

2019-2020 FHE Sports Registration

Use this link to register with FHE Sports

If you are  a coach/volunteer, please use the Coach/Volunteer Registration below.


Note: if you are a first time coach, please fill out the coaches application as well.

Coach/Volunteer Registration

All Coaches and volunteers need to use this registration.

***** Team Registrations *****

Use the links below to register for any of our  2019-2020 Teams.

Once registered you will be rostered on the team for tryouts.

After tryouts you will be sent an invoice for the fees associated with that sport if you make the team.

Tryouts in May - Fall-Winter Sport

Fall Sports