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Registration Process for all Athletes

Early Bird registration is $10 prior to Aug 1st, and $15 thererafter.  After selecting the registration payment option, you will be prompted to register for sports for all 3 seasons.   Please select any sports you are planning to or may participate in at this time.  

NOTE: This is not a commitment to play nor a guarantee you will make the team.


2021 Registration Information

2020-2021 registrations require only a single registration for all sports. 

Registrations open July 1, 2020 for the entire year.

Before the first workouts , each player must:

-          registered with FHE - the overall "parent" organization, 

-          register with FHE sports.

                   During the registration process, you will click on a link to the concussion form, and it will open a new tab 

                    for you to fill out the dochub form.  Please follow those instructions and return to your original tab when

                    finished to complete this registration.

                     NOTE: if completed properly, you will get an email copy of the completed pdf.

                    Also during the registration, you will select all sports you would like to participate in for the year

                   This will register you with FHE and each individual sport you select. 

                    This does not commit you to the team nor does it  guarantee you will make the team.

Those making a team after tryouts will be notified and invoiced for that specific teams payments.

 After making the team each player will:

-          provide a copy/picture of birth certificate to his coach for age verification

              (required by NCHEAC).      

-          be invoiced for team fees at that point.

The FHE Registration fee does not include the per sport fee. 

Below is a table of the fees that were required for the 2018-2019 season

Current fees may be less or more than those shown.  Since we do not own our own facilities, it depends a lot on the venue, officials, and the amount of practices as to how much each sport costs.  Hopefully this will give you some idea as to what may be required.


Example Sport Fees from 2018 Not current fees

Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports
Volleyball $215 Boys MS Basketball $288 Track & Field $120
Cross Country $100 Boys JV Basketball $325 Girls Soccer $245
Boys Soccer $210 Boys Var Basketball $525 Golf $175
Girls MS Basketball Softball $235
Girls Var Basketball $360 Baseball MS $310
Baseball JV $295
Baseball Var $370
Boys Tennis

Coach's and volunteers, please use the link below to register for the year.